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10 faqs

1) £140 pounds was spent on socks in the making of this film

2) The red socks with the holes in them were ‘cast’ just a day before the shoot after deciding that two socks with heart patterns was too cartoonish. 

3) Having lost a Bafta winning composer from the project last minute, the director fell in love with the voice of Jean Claude Madhero, who was busking on the London underground. He approached him to serenade his sock film. 

4) At the age of 70, this is Jean Claude Madhero’s first venture into film composing.


5) This film was originally a ‘break’ from another epic short about a pumpkin who survives halloween on the streets with a homeless man as they try and make it to Christmas.   

6) Tumble  was shot over a total of 4 shoot days using Sony F55 and Canon K35 lenses. Delivered at 2k . Ratio 2:35:1

7) An old washing machine was cut in half by a plumber to create a point of view from the socks in the wash. 

8) A dog was trained for a week to pick up socks, so it would be ready on the shoot day for its performance. 

9) The DP put tights over the lenses to create an old vintage feel for the flash back shots.


10) This is William Grave’s director’s debut. He is in pre-production of another short about another unique couple - this time human-, while he still develops his Last Jackolantern film.

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